We can't wait to meet you

in our Filled with Less community!

We know you want to live an intentional and Christ-centered life... and that's what our

Filled with Less Membership

is all about!


 Join us as a community to learn from our special guests, take part in our fun challenges and special events, participate as a community in the Six Weeks to Sanity course, or just pop into our live meetings when you need an encouraging lift or extra coaching.


We are always here for you, and we don't believe in overwhelm. This is a place of peace without expectations.  It is a healing and nurturing community of like-minded women who want to support and encourage each other. 

 Come join us! 


The Filled With Less Membership gives you...


✔️  Molly's Chat each Thursday at 12 PM Central to get to know each other better while focusing on the topic of the week. Caregiver Support Group each month. Accountability calls and reminders each week for those who want support reaching their goals.  Come get to know each other as you focus on the topics that fit your current needs. 

✔️ The Decluttering Nest to help you organize your home and create systems that work.

✔️  The Resource Garden to give you access to our favorite resources including scripture, movies, books, recipes, DIY and more!

✔️  A Monthly Live Community Call - Recorded, just in case you can't make it! 

✔️  Email Inspiration - Delivered weekly to your inbox.

✔️  Deep Dives - A library of video based teaching and resources created specifically for this community to address the areas where you would like to see personal growth.

✔️  Supplement Discount:  Cynthia is extending her private client discounts to group members. This perk in itself can offset your membership cost!

✔️  A Private Facebook Page:   Many members use Facebook, so we have a private page... but no worries if you aren't on Facebook because we also have a private chat room!

As the membership grows, we will be adding courses, programs and more resources. Also, more opportunities to live with intention and simplicity that will be exclusively for members only, and included in your monthly subscription.

And, you will be supporting a ministry that many have said has been "a lifesaver" and exactly what they needed to start living an intentional and faith centered life.


What financial benefits will I get if I join?


1.   Buying groceries more efficiently for better meal planning and inventory.
2.   Deep discount on over 100 high quality supplement brands. 
3.   Paying bills on time.
4.   Making better use of what you already own.
5.   Combining errands and minimizing time in stores.
6   Learning to live with less.
7. Understanding why you purchase what you do, and filling your life with less stuff and more intentionality, recreation and prayer.


Can't afford a personal health/life coach?  
A group experience is the next best thing!

Membership Testimonials

“Finding out last year about the Filled with Less ministry and their monthly membership program has truly been a gift from God to both me and my family. He has used it to gently challenge and encourage me to pursue peace in my life and in my home through a deeper relationship with Him. I look forward to our monthly virtual gatherings, and I learn so much, not only from Cynthia and Molly, but also from the other women participants. Glory to God for this opportunity!” - Lisa C.
"I’m doing something and that makes me feel really good. I just feel that I’m giving myself permission to do this and it’s not just helping me - it’s helping my whole family." ~ Laura B.
 Thank you all for orchestrating the Filled With Less fellowship! Multiple times this week I have had tangible realizations of how instrumental this program is to my life and being able to live into who Christ created me to be - as I interact with others who live differently than me, I'm much more confident and comfortable knowing that I am intentionally living a life leading me to Christ because of the work we do together in fellowship in this ministry. Spiritual benefits are priceless and I am so thankful for the community you are cultivating! ~ Elysa M.
“The sessions also exposed me to new areas - like Peace must be pursuit; food and nutrition being important, functional medicine, habits, decluttering etc. And yes the quiet time too! It gives me courage to explore them. Some ideas may not be new but because it is presented in a holistic way and from Orthodox members I became more receptive. I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for all the work and care and prayers, I really benefited a lot. Instead of Survival mode, I am now on Salvation mode - working out my salvation!  ~ Mikhaila
"Thanks for the great deep dive this month. I have been trying (struggling) to establish a journaling practice but have found it difficult to set aside time -so many other things to do. But as you are always so intentional about your presentations, doing this in conjunction with the St. Philaret’s challenge, what a blessed opportunity to link my journaling right after I write the prayer!  You are brilliant!"  ~ Tricia