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Welcome to Ancient Faith's first video-based podcast!  This show is a space to grab a cup of tea, cozy up on the couch and listen to faith-based topics that pertain to health, mindset and God. We're happy to have you in here so that we can share relevant topics with expert guests that we have connected with from all over the world!

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Let's Grow Together

This show was born out of a love for sharing what we've learned in our lives. From deepening our faith... to corporate jobs... to health issues... to raising children, we've learned a lot along the way and as our community grows, we grow.


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"Cynthia and Molly have filled a void in creating a more 'personal' podcast. They have such in-depth knowledge and can make even the most complicated information simple and turned into key takeaways. I would tell everyone to subscribe."



Inaugural Episode

Molly and Cynthia interview Dr. Jeannie Constantinou and Dr. Trent Orfanos about thinking Orthodox, managing stress, and goal-setting.


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January '21 Episode

Explore a Peaceful Mind with Dr. Roxanne Louh, a Healthy Body with Kosmos McLean, and the importance of a morning routine as part of a Productive Life.


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February '21 Episode

Special guests Fr. Stephen Freeman talks about learning to bear a little shame, and get some helpful tips on fasting from Rita Madden. Professional organizer Presbytera Stacey Dorrance shares about clutter. 

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April '21 Episode

Cynthia and Molly welcome Joseph Letendre to talk about his new book When You Fast. Then Cheri Calbon addresses the nutritional benefits of juicing. They wrap up the show discussing ways to beat the doldrums.

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May '21 Episode

In this month's podcast, Cynthia and Molly talk stillness, mold exposure, and comparing ourselves to others with their special guests Dr. Al Rossi, and Dr. Steve Heffelfinger.

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June '21 Episode

This month Cynthia and Molly continue their conversation with Dr. Rossi on the present moment, introduce an inspiring FWL member achieving her health goals, and discuss mindfully emerging from lockdown.

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July '21 Episode

In this month's episode, Cynthia and Molly discuss theosis, essential oils, and overcoming creative ruts with guests Barbara Pappas and Kiki Vale.

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August '21 Episode

Cynthia and Molly talk with Dr. Nicole Roccas about a more peaceful approach to time, and Cynthia interviews dietician Krista Fedorchak about body image.

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September '21 Episode

This month on the Filled With Less show, Cynthia and Molly talk with Fr. Michael Gillis about hiding in Christ and welcome Dr. Kristin Robinson to discuss integrative medicine and cancer.

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November '21 Episode

For the November FWL Show, Cynthia and Molly welcome guests Dr. Ioana Popa and Dr. David Pawsat to talk about Rituals of Renewal and gut health, and offer encouragement for getting back on track when your plans get derailed.

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December '21 Episode

This month, Cynthia and Molly discuss negative self talk with Alicia Michelle, integrative psychiatry with Dr. Annell Mavrantonis, and holiday stress. Perfect timing!

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January '22 Episode

Cynthia and Molly are back for their first show of the New Year. Today they talk with Fr. Joshua Makoul about the pandemic and our relationships. Then Dr. Trent Orfanos helps us understand the dangers of metabolic syndrome. Finally, some tips on decluttering your inbox stress. Perfect timing!

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February '22 Episode

Cynthia and Molly talk to Dr. Dan and Dr. Jane Hinshaw about their new book about Fr. Roman Braga of blessed memory. Then they learn about flexibility with Physical Trainer Petar Arsenyjevic. Their question of the day is "How Do I Politely Say No?"

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April '22 Episode

In this month’s episode Cynthia and Molly interview Mat. Christina Veselak about the relationship between food and mental health. They also share some of their own recent “aha moments” that have made them more productive.

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May '22 Episode

In this episode Cynthia and Molly talk with Claire McGarry about discovering peace in tension. They also discuss closing the stress response cycle and redefining our view of “success.”

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June '22 Episode

In this episode Cynthia and Molly interview Molly’s friend Lisa about her new book, “From Fear to Faith: A Family’s Journey With Addiction, Recovery and Grace.” They all discuss sunscreen and living our goals instead of setting them.

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