Six Weeks to Sanity Course is open for enrollment now!


This course is a comprehensive lifestyle overhaul designed to infuse every aspect with a...

>> Faith-based perspective.

>> Realign your priorities to save you time and money.

>> Enable you to rise above the unnecessary stress, noise and chaos of this world. 

The course begins on Monday, January 11th!


As a society, we are more anxious and overwhelmed than ever.


We are hungry for joy, hope, and peace.


Are you too despondent and distracted to develop your God given gifts and live out your calling?


Is your mind and home cluttered and chaotic?


Well, we're going to fix that!


Our Six Weeks to Sanity Course Modules are designed to revive, enlighten, and sustain you...



Developing the Right Mindset



Goal Setting and Time Management Skills.



Decluttering and Simplifying your Home.



Establishing Boundaries and Cultivating Healthy Relationships.



Creating a Personal Health Plan for Physical Renewal.



Fostering Your Faith.


Who is Six Weeks to Sanity for?

Anyone who...

       •  Wants their home to become a respite of calm and a place to rest and recharge
       •  Wants the physical strength and energy to more actively serve others and accomplish their own goals
       •  Is stuck in a rut of anxious and negative thinking
       •  Is too busy and disorganized to live out their values and priorities
       •  Is inspired to develop, and share with others, their own unique gifts and talents
       •  Desires more time for nurturing their own souls and their relationships
       •  Wants to experience the joy and fulfillment of becoming a healing presence in this world

What Others Are Saying:


"I hesitated joining the course at first. Finances and time were a concern. I am, however, thankful I did. This course gave me the boost I needed to see things in my home in a different light. I couldn't get it all done during the course time, but plan to continue and use the given resources. Great group of women leading the course. They are caring, open to sharing their knowledge, and made decluttering fun." ~ Vanessa

"The Filled with Less concept reframed my scattered mindset to doable actions. The way we look at our lives everyday is overwhelming all by itself — without adding in the clutter of things, to-dos and trying to peacefully rest after another busy day. These women have the trifecta of talent when it comes to covering all the bases of simplifying and rising above the chaos of decluttering, healthy lifestyle and Godly perspectives. Thank you, Cynthia, Molly and Stacey!" ~ J.F.
"I have participated in many of your offerings and each has supplied all that was promised and so much more. I appreciated Molly’s and Pres. Stacy’s additions. It was an encouraging, enriching, welcoming, and informative program. While I have a long way to go yet, I feel well tooled to persevere. Thanks!" Tricia
"I have wanted to scale back on stuff for a while. We moved into a condo of 1000 square feet from our home for 30 years of 3000 square feet. I learned from our move that I could really live with less. I haven't been happier. But while only a third of our stuff came with us when we moved, I still had some habits that needed to be improved. This course gave me the motivational nudge I needed to move on!" ~ Karen

Here's what the program will look like:


Six Weeks to Sanity is a comprehensive lifestyle overhaul designed to infuse every area of your existence with an eternal perspective, thus realigning your priorities and enabling you to transcend the unnecessary stress, noise and chaos of this world.  
  • Mindset 
  • Goal Setting and Time Management  
  • Improving your Health
  • Decluttering your Home
  • Fostering Relationships and Creating Boundaries
  • Fostering you Faith
Becoming intentional about developing and maintaining daily systems and rhythms that promote order, wellness, simplicity, and calm can not only dramatically reduce your stress but also increase your productivity and fruitfulness. 
Our Six Weeks to Sanity Course Modules are designed to revive, enlighten, and sustain you.

This course will give you:


📎  Video based modules

📎  Worksheets/printables/resources

📎  Daily inspiration each day via emails to keep you motivated

📎  Direct access to Cynthia, Stacey, and Molly

📎  Three Live sessions to meet and share with your community

📎  A collection of curated resources to support you 

📎  Private access to the Filled With Less community

📎  Lifetime access to everything above


 Meet your Team:


Cynthia Damaskos is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in  Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Management. Her aim in life is to get her fellow Christians healthy and living the lives God created them to live.  She is the author of The Holistic Christian Woman, host of the Holistic Christian Life podcast on iTunes and host of The Filled With Less Show on Ancient Faith.
Living in Indiana with her husband, she continues a journey that began seven years ago to reverse her own health issues which has her feeling better at 59 than she did in her 40's!  She has a private practice teaching clients around the world how to change their lifestyles to improve their health, reach their goals, and prevent and turn around their symptoms. Cynthia brings her expertise to Six Weeks to Sanity just for you!
Molly Sabourin is an author and podcaster for Ancient Faith Ministries, and the host of The Filled With Less Show on Ancient Faith.  She is a wife of 20 plus years to her husband, Troy, and the mother of three teenagers and one young adult. 
A couple years ago, Molly found herself feeling overwhelmed, despondent, and listless after a particularly challenging season of her life and stumbled onto a documentary called "Minimalism." The freedom and peace that was discovered in the process of living an intentional and simple life was so inspiring to her, she began her own journey toward simplicity, intentionality and transcendence. 
Decluttering her home lead to the decluttering of all areas of her life, thereby reducing her stress and increasing her peace, joy, and productivity. Molly is passionate about pursuing, and helping others pursue, a more simple and calm existence. She is delighted and thankful for the wisdom and insights she has gleaned from Stacey and Cynthia!
Stacey Dorrance is a detailed person who loves to help create beauty and order. Having been happily married for thirty-four years, she has raised four children and is the grandmother of six grandkids. Stacey has experienced and understands the challenges of life and its impact on home and office care. As a life-long learner, she strives to continually improve herself and her environment and to look with fresh eyes upon whatever she is doing. She brings energy and kindness wherever she goes. “Less is More” is her motto, and she is passionate about decluttering and organizing, yet personable and loving.
Stacey has also been part of a Music Ministry with her two sisters for 28 years called, “Eikona.” She desires for you to enjoy your space, no matter the size of it, to put God first in your life, and to live in harmony with your family and your environment.

Pricing Options:

We're offering two ways to pay!




✔️ Video Based Modules

✔️ Worksheets, printable & resources

✔️ Daily Inspiration emails

✔️ 3 Live sessions for community support

✔️ Private community chat room/Facebook group





✔️ Video Based Modules

✔️ Worksheets, printable & resources

✔️ Daily Inspiration emails

✔️ 3 Live sessions for community support

✔️ Private community chat room/Facebook group


We support like-minded organizations when you purchase the course!

Do you still have some questions?

This is a self-paced, online course with the advantage of three amazing, faith-centered leaders who are deeply passionate about teaching, inspiring, and supporting you personally. 

Each week, you will be able to open a new module that focuses on a new topic and a new space or category to declutter. There will be videos, links to resources and worksheets. Two times during the course, we will host live sessions with the whole community and get to know one another better.  You'll also have a private Facebook page and course community to connect with others at your leisure, and then there's always private email if you need to ask any of one of us!  From time to time, we may ask a question and encourage you to participate...but this is completely optional. :)

Lifetime access!  We know life can get in the way, but this investment will be available when you are.  There will always be people in the private Facebook community that are in the same place you are. 

Between the cost of creating the program, ongoing monthly technology costs, and professional services hired to help us, we have bills to pay! :)
Also, we will be spending considerable time with you during the course. We considered offering it without including our personal support as a lower cost option, but we think our support, encouragement and teaching is worth a little higher price. We hope you think so too!   And keep in mind, courses that teach on mindset and life coaching from a secular perspective are often over $1000. Decluttering courses are typically around $300. Health and Wellness courses with a coach can be over $1000. You get all of this, and from a Christian point of view, with Six Weeks to Sanity!

Yes we do! We donate a portion of our earnings to Thistle Farms, a nonprofit social enterprise, based in Nashville, TN, dedicated to helping women survivors recover and heal from trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. They provide a safe place to live, a meaningful job, and a lifelong sisterhood of support because they believe love is the most powerful force in the world.

Yes, we just opened our enrollment again for the course! The doors are open!

We want you to be sure! We want to help you reach your goals, simplify your life, glorify God with your changes, and feel good about the process.  Email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to talk with you and help you come to a decision.  You can talk to any of us!