Peace and calm, regardless of our circumstances, are attainable when we become intentional about developing a peaceful mindset, healthy body and a productive life that promotes order, simplicity, and wellness.


Looking for ways to Simplify this Season with Intentionality and Faith?

Book Club

Each month, we will read and discuss a new, edifying book that will support us in our efforts to live our Christian lives with intention and simplicity!

The next bookclub meeting will be January 29th.  If you are signed up for our book club, you will get emails with the details for book of the month and the link to join the meeting.

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"What to Eat" Ebook

How do we know what to eat? This can be such a loaded question when it comes to different types of eating, environmental concerns and eating trends. Cynthia makes this hot topic into a simpler solution by following these facts.

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Newly Revised Holistic Christian Woman

We're so excited to release this recently update version! Included is a brand new chapter on longsuffering by Presbytera Stacey Dorrance. 

Order the new release here!

How to Create your Bubble of Calm:

Joy, Hope and Peace can be yours. So can a healthy body and a solid Christ centered life. Let us help you develop your God given gifts and live out your calling!

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Can you breathe?

Intrigued to find out more about some of the ramifications of wearing a mask and how to mitigate them? We'll send you 3 days of topics concerning mask wearing, and how to improve your health.

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LESS Membership

Did you know that Filled With Less is a member supported ministry?  In return we have all sorts of great perks for you!  Take advantage of as many as you can...but no pressure to do it all!

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One of the biggest aspects of health is being in community with like-minded people

Our members support our ministry and allow us to create resources, opportunities, and give encouragement to people all over the globe.

In return, the perks are pretty significant!

The next LESS Live! is Saturday December 18th at 10AM Central.  Check your member portal for the link.


"I was feeling overwhelmed and out of control of my own house and life.

Filled with Less gave me the tools that I need to move forward.


I know it is not a do-once-and-be-done job, but I feel in control of my agenda. I now know where to begin when cleaning clutter. There are places of clutter that I didn't even consider a problem. How to create "white space" in my home environment and in my life had made HUGE difference! It all matters very much! This 6 weeks was a blessing that will keep on giving! 

May God continue to bless your work!"



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