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Cynthia Damaskos is a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach whose aim in life is to get her fellow Christians healthy and living the lives God created them to live.  She is the author of The Holistic Christian Woman, and the podcaster and blogger at Holistic Christian Life. 
Living in Indiana with her husband, she continues a journey that began seven years ago to reverse her own health issues which has her feeling better at 57 than she did in her 40's!  She has a private practice teaching clients around the world how to change their lifestyles to improve their health, reach their goals, and prevent and turn around their symptoms. Cynthia brings her expertise to Six Weeks to Sanity just for you!
Molly Sabourin is an author and podcaster for Ancient Faith Ministries as well as a wife of 20 plus years to her husband, Troy, and the mother of three teenagers and one young adult. 
About a year ago, Molly found herself feeling overwhelmed, despondent, and listless after a particularly challenging season of her life and stumbled onto a documentary called "Minimalism." This film chronicled the journeys of individuals who had walked away from excess and compulsive consumption and embraced simplicity and intentionality as a way of life. The freedom and peace they discovered in the process was so inspiring to her, she began her own journey toward simplicity, intentionality and transcendence. 
Decluttering her home led to the decluttering of all areas of her life, thereby reducing her stress and increasing her peace, joy, and productivity. Molly is passionate about pursuing, and helping others pursue, a more simple and calm existence. She is delighted and thankful for the wisdom and insights she has gleaned from Stacey and Cynthia!




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